Make a Donation

Meal Matchup is committed to providing food to those in need, minimizing food waste, related C02 emissions, and creating opportunities for service and civic engagement for UW students. Funds for bins, bags, and transportation are essential for Meal Matchup deliveries to take place. Please consider making a donation to support our mission. Thank you!

(Note: Our donation feature is under construction and should be complete by July. Please contact Irini Spyridakis, Project Manager in the meantime. Thank you.)

Food Recovery in Your Community

Start or expand food recovery efforts in your campus, community or city. Contact our Coordinator and see how Meal Matchup or similar practices can apply to your community.

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Join Meal Matchup at the University of Washington

Join Meal Matchup at the University of Washington Seattle campus as a dining hall, volunteer, or non-profit organization. Contact our Coordinator to learn more about how Meal Matchup works and if Meal Matchup would be a good fit for you or your organization.