Features Overview

Meal Matchup partners with local dining halls (donating agency), student groups (delivery agency), and non-profit organizations (receiving agency) to facilitate the transportation of food waste. Using a responsive, open source website, dining halls indicate when they have extra food and when student groups should pick it up. Volunteers pick up the excess food and transport it to a selected shelter or other non-profit organization.


#1: Stakeholders sign up to participate


#2: Leftover food is collected in dining halls


#3: Volunteers deliver the foodfrom dining halls to non-profits


#4: People are fed, and food waste is avoided

Detailed Features Explanation

View the videos below for a one-minute overview of each agency system or click “view more” to see all video tutorials. There are also downloadable PDFs listed below in blue. If you have any further questions about our approach or design thinking, please reach out to us through the contact page.

Donating Agency

Donating agencies, aka campus dinging halls, can utilize Meal Matchup to:

  • Schedule recurring donation pickups with student service learners

  • Request occasional emergency pick-ups

  • Create and access up-to-date food logs that track pounds of food and type,

  • Use a custom calendar to ensure increased consistency and transparency with pick-ups

Delivery Agency

Delivery agencies, aka campus student groups, can utilize the mobile and desktop versions of Meal Matchup to:

  • Coordinate volunteer driver and delivery schedules

  • Complete pickup and delivery of food donations, providing donating agencies with increased reliability and transparency

Receiving Agency

Receiving agencies, aka local shelters, benefit from Meal Matchup's transparent system that allows them to:

  • Communicate and receive information about upcoming deliveries (time, deliverers, food logs, food descriptions etc.)

  • Increased consistency and ease with which to receive donations 

Simplified Stakeholder Diagram Flow

Pictured below is a simplified stakeholder flow diagram that depicts how agencies use Meal Matchup to schedule, log, and deliver donations. Not pictured in the diagram below are specific pages and/or features within Meal Matchup. Please see above videos and PDF tutorials for a detailed account.